If you have a basic familiarity with how the financial world works, you will at least know that the best bargains are rarely found in banks, especially when converting currencies. Looking for a currency exchange in Ottawa that will offer you better rates instead?

We believe we have the answer.

Don’t you just want to get a decent value for your precious hard-earned money? Well, so far as currency exchanges go, we know where the smart money is.

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Here are our top three picks to help you convert your money safe in the knowledge that you are landing a real bargain.

Ultimate currency exchange review

If you are determined to find the best places for currency exchange in Ottawa, you should start with the state’s most recommended company. We carefully examine what this company has to offer in our helpful Ultimate Currency Exchange review.

Ultimate currency exchange review

Here are some of the highlights. This is a company that:

  • Operates in Ottawa
  • Provides you with free quotes
  • Offers you comfortable pick-up hours
  • Commands no service fees at all
  • Can mail you the money if you prefer

You will find Ultimate Currency Exchange (UEX) to be precisely what you need. Presently, UEX offers better rates than any Canadian bank and you can request a quote both online or at one of the company’s kiosks.

Quick and convenient, the company will command no commission fees whatever the sum you are exchanging is. They work from Monday to Friday, but there are also branches open on Saturday making their shops highly accessible.

If you are looking for online currency exchange in Ottawa, you will be pleased to know that UEX will send you any sums smaller than $3,000. Simply drop by their website and make sure to visit the online section.

We also checked other Ultimate Currency Exchange reviews online and can report that they are mostly positive.

Calforex: a closer look

Calforex is a company that has kiosks across Canada. Ottawa is no exception, so if you swing by 50 Rideau Street you can easily pick up any currency you like at very competitive rates.

Presently, Calforex beats any rates offered by Canadian banks and if there is one area where this service excels – it is client comfort. You can place an order online and have the money sent directly to you in person.


Here are some of the highlights of the online service:

  • You need to exchange a minimum amount of CAD$250
  • You can choose from over 100 currencies
  • The sum will be brought to you in person
  • You needn’t register to place an order
  • There is a helpful customer support line

Calforex is most certainly a top venue for currency exchange and you will do well to turn to them, whether online or in person.

Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange – a respected company

Cutting a professional look, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Inc. is among the most helpful currency exchanges in the Ottawa area. They provide customers with free quotes and save you the trip to a physical cashier as they deal exclusively over the Internet.

Knightsbridge helps you set up everything online and you will be able to exchange your money by picking from one of several options:

  • Via online banking bill payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Account to account service

Better still, Knightsbridge is integrated with the majority of Canadian banks and all transfers are carried out for free.

If you want to get a free quote, you can just reach to customer support on the phone and the agreed-upon rate will be what you will get when actually converting your funds. To maximise transperancy, both parties of the exchange transfer are notified of the funds’ transfer.

The company has a solid portfolio and its agents are happy to assist customers from all across Canada down to the last province.

We can definitely recommend you Knightsbridge as one of the best places for currency exchange in Ottawa.

Get competitive rates without ever having to go to a bank ever again.