Online Casinos have flourished all these years after a large mass of world population taking the gaming to an all-time high. Games and developers have always been the matter of talking among the reviewers. However, in an online casino, it has always been the payment methods and currency, taking the limelight from other aspects. People choose games from different developers, but in the end, the majority of the people play these games to win money. Which brings us to the question, which is the best currency to use at an online casino?. The experts at Canada’s most popular will help us find the answer to this question.

Presence of specific payment method can make a difference. Some of the top payment methods such as Interac, Skrill, Paysafecard, Instadebit, Bitcoin, or Neteller have global recognition and are available across all the foremost casinos. The best part about these payment methods is the currency conversion is both transparent as well as affordable. So, you can convert your money to any currency you want.

I think that currently USD still remains the best currency to use because of its stability. It is predictable and is accepted in most online casinos. If you don’t like USD for some reason then you should use your local currency. As long as it is accepted in casinos around the world. That way you won’t have to spend money on conversion fees.

Therefore, it comes down to choosing the right type of online casino once you settled on the currency you plan to use:

  • Single Currency Casino: These have only one type of currency. For instance, many casinos based in the USA only accept USD as the sole currency for all transactions. You can opt to play with other currencies, but the profit is questionable after you pay the conversion fees. I recommend avoiding these casinos if you are not a US resident.
  • Multiple Currency Casino: These casinos accept more than one type of currency. This is what I like and recommend. Most of the top casinos operate using multiple currencies.
  • Digital Currency Casino: Cryptocurrencies are now becoming the next big thing in the world of online gambling. The best part of using these currencies is that there are no conversion fees. It allows anyone from anywhere in the world to play on equal terms.

We genuinely believe that cryptocurrency is our second-best choice. It is secure, fast and easy to use. As long as you have the means to convert it back to fiat, we would suggest looking into it.